Thanks, Family!

We just came back from a couple of months in the US; the longest time we have spent out of Ghana in the last 5 years. It was a much needed time to be with family, to reconnect with community, to visit and update churches. It was the most refreshing time home I’ve had yet. There are certain conversations and interactions within that time that I will hold close in my memory for years to come, and that will continue to encourage my heart in the work we’ve undertaken.


A theme that made many of these interactions encouraging, is that there are people genuinely interested in the work God is doing around us and in the West African church and eager to help. It was great spending time with the churches, communities and individuals that support this work. The encouragement I personally received is invaluable. Appreciation of this makes me very excited to open the Baobab West African Mission website. I look forward to the interaction it will bring with our community in the US, and hope you look forward to getting a greater glimpse into the great work God is doing in West Africa. Please use this tool to occasionally look into our lives and pray with us.


Thank you for your encouragement, support, and prayer. We appreciate our loving community in the US more than you can know.